Effective Health Communication Tools

Learning how to be an excellent healthcare provider probably came naturally to you, but knowing how to effectively write and present health communications isn’t  something most traditional schools teach. That’s why Innovaacom has developed a healthcare communication toolbox that can help native and non-native English speaking doctors and pharmacists effectively communicate their research and share knowledge in the international healthcare arena. Advance your career and confidence with these public speaking, publishing and presentation tools.

Increase Your Public Speaking Success

Giving a healthcare presentation or medical talk just got easier. Put these powerful tips to practice to connect with confidence with any audience.

Increase Your Poster Presentation Success 

Have you been asked to present your scientific paper or abstract at an international healthcare congress or medical meeting?  The IC Poster Tool™ provides eye-catching templates that are designed for international health care audiences, medical marketers, and healthcare professionals wanting to enhance their communication skills or boost traffic to their booth. In just a few hours, you can produce a professional poster presentation so you and your work receive the attention they deserve!

Increase Your Publishing Success

Planning to submit an abstract or manuscript to an international healthcare journal? Be sure to have it reviewed by a professional editor first. Don’t let simple syntax errors, grammar or language mistakes prevent you from publishing in journals. Whether your goal is to have your manuscript or healthcare conference abstract accepted in order to earn the additional research funding you need or land that coveted job, the IC Editor Service can increase your chances of success.


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